Garden Comet™ Power Spray Nozzle

Are you tired of leaky garden hoses that lack power? Or just looking to speed up your garden work?

Our Power Spray Nozzle enables you to spray away dirt and debris with extreme ease, giving you the most powerful, high volume jet flow!

With the design being based on the fireman hose, research shows that our nozzle is 50x more powerful than a regular hose nozzle. Aswell as minimizing water wastage, with its superior power the Power Spray Nozzle allows you to get cleaning and gardening jobs done much faster, saving you time AND money!


Superior Power - Specially engineered design based on the fireman hose, crafted with aircraft grade aluminium giving the most powerful, high volume jet flow. Enables you to wash away dirt and debris with ease!

Water Efficient- Researchers identified the weak points for leaks in standard hose nozzles so that we could design our nozzle to be 100% water tight, so you can rest assured that there will be no leaks!

Adjustable Spray - Whether you need to clean your garden furniture, car or house with a powerful water flow, or you just need to water your garden with a light sprinkle, the Power Spray Nozzle has you covered!

Comfortable Grip - With the nozzle's comfy handle, you'll no longer have to get your hands wet and cold while doing your garden work.

Save Time - With the nozzle's superior power, you'll manage to get all your garden work finished in record time!

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  • Material: ABS + TFR + aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
  • Reinforced nylon and soft rubber.
  • Size: 23*6.5*11cm.
  • Weight: approx. 365g.
  • Five spray settings.
  • Fits standard 5/8" hoses.