There is nothing worse than waking up to see that your plants have been ruined by pests.  Protect your garden by keeping pests away with PestsAway . 

This ultrasonic animal repellent detects motion through infrared sensors and triggers a tone that we cannot hear but scares away common outdoor pests such as raccoons, birds, skunks, foxes, and so many more!

PestsAway detects movement within a 30ft radius, making this the most effective method of keeping the animal and your garden safe. Simply drive the stake into the ground in a location of your choice and stop pests from getting near your harvest, its that easy!

If you're looking for the most humane way to get rid of pests and keep your grounds safe,   get yours today!


  • Get rid of unwanted pest and animals   through emitting ultrasonic waves, also equipped with a powerful flashing LED light to keep pests away in the most humane way possible
  • Solar powered through a panel on the top  of the device that charges itself
  • PestsAway uses a   PIR Motion