WeederPro - Stand Up Weed Puller

☘ STANDUP WEEDING TOOL FOR A BETTER GARDENING EXPERIENCE:  Get rid of weeds without risking your back with this long handled weeding tool.  The 39” tall handle lets you remove the weeds without having to bend over or go down to your knees. The foot pedal lets you put enough force on the weed remover to penetrate the ground and grab the whole weed, including the roots, so it doesn’t grow back.

  • ☘ DURABLE AND HGIH STRENGTH MATERIALS - This weed removing tool is made from durable stainless high strength steel. This is a durable stainless steel garden weed puller, so you don't have to buy another weeder.
  • ☘ LABOR SAVING: Effortlessly pull weeds from your garden without having to bend down or kneel. When you use the weeder to remove grass/flower which can assure minimum fatigue.


How To Use

  • STEP 1

Place pointed claw over the weed to be removed and push weeder into the ground firmly using the force of your foot.


  • Step 2

Twist the handle to one side and uprooted  


  •  Step 3

Press the button to remove the weed.